1. “The US in particular has shifted its economy towards services and has become vulnerable to outside shocks”: said before Adam Smith.

    Get out of delusion, the free market is only for third world countries.

    And you still have good relations in these countries, Asia, India and Mexico and Latins countries.

    The economy has become a service economy but especially you do not underestimate the power of politics.

    Today are more likely to survive officials in any region before people with his power of companies and households, at least this is true in Europe and the old order, because that is the runway is the policy, and money always arrives first, via public debt, to officials of the system, by law.

    Because everything is trying to adjust from above, from Brussels and from Washington.

    But when you have to spread the wealth and productive power then poorer countries they will say you have to cut everywhere.

    And there will be a purging of the system from within and from countries who say that austerity is the way of speaking by liberals for not to mention the main political corruption problem.

    And of course there have been excesses of the political class, emulation of wealth to the privileged in the old order, you do not forget the power of the Vatican and its one million employees.

    We have an old system and full privileges. How you get out of this without cuts?

    Who does not work for this elite choir officials may end up in poverty, any economist is sold.

    pd: good pinot noir!!



    Y habrá una expurgación del sistema desde dentro y desde los países que dicen que la austeridad es la forma de hablar de los liberales para no hablar del problema principal la corrupción política.

    Y por supuesto que ha habido excesos de la clase política, la emulación de la riqueza hacia sectores privilegiados en ese orden antiguo, no olvidemos el poder del vaticano y su millón de funcionarios.

    Tenemos un sistema antiguo y lleno de privilegios. Vosotros tenéis a Appel y en Europa está Siemens y Nokia pero aún así cómo salir de esta sin recortes.

    Quien no trabaja para este coro de funcionarios de élite puede terminar en la indigencia, cualquier economista está vendido.

    Porque todo se está intentando ajustar desde arriba, desde Bruselas y desde Washington.

    Pero cuando haya que repartir la riqueza y el poder productivo entonces a nosotros se nos dirá que tenemos que recortar de todos lados.

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