1. To Bruce

    yes, Pluto is in Capricorn, and is technocracy, pure technocracy. Doesn’t mind anything from people, only save the necessary to the institutions.

    Even people died. You saw. But it is implicated many countries, Mexican. Brussels, Brandenburg. Washington. India. Now they are the protagonist.

    • estherllull
    • seville-copenhaguen

    sorry i would mean Bretton Woods…

    • bruce
    • Saratoga Springs, NY

    Since we are on the Rock and Roll and astrology topic, just when IS the Age of Aquarius? And what does Pluto in Capricorn make for us?


    Para Bruce

    sí, Plutón está en Capricornio, y es la tecnocracia, la tecnocracia pura. No le importa nada de la gente, sólo para ahorrar lo necesario para las instituciones.

    Incluso personas murieron. Usted vio. Pero está implicado muchos países, México. Bruselas, Branderburg. Washington. La India. Ahora ellos son los protagonistas.

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